Halloween recipes - a selection of dinners, dessert and drinks for Halloween


What to eat for Halloween?

Looking for a tasty and festive Halloween recipe? Here you go:

So, are you almost set for Halloween on Thursday night? I’m sure the kids already decorated the front yard weeks ago, but my guess is that you’re the one in charge of the menu, right? If, like most of us, Halloween sometimes sneaks up on you like a thief in the night, here are some last-minute life-savers, at least where the food is concerned. Should you need a bit of inspiration either for Thursday’s Halloween night, or maybe for a Halloween party you’re throwing this coming weekend, we’ve collected a few Halloween recipes to help bring out the right spirit and make sure you, your family and your guests eat well too.

All of our Halloween recipes are made for people with a love of real, authentic homemade food. That is food without artificial additives or the suspect food dyes that are often found in ready made Halloween dishes or treats. We believe it’s entirely possible to make good quality food that tastes amazing and still make it fit a fun occasion like Halloween. We hope you enjoy our recipes and the food and that they’ll help you make it one killer night!

Halloween recipes

Real good stuff comfort stew with beef, pumpkin and (bloody!) red wine. So wholesome and delicious it will let you celebrate all night and scare the monsters away.

Halloween recipes - a pot and a pumpkin beef stew with pumpkin, beef, red wine and herbs

Or, maybe someone ordered lasagna? So easy to make in advance, and great for adults and kids alike. For this lasagna we’ve used lamb, lots of sage and butternut squash. And since it’s Halloween, of course we need something green on top.

Halloween recipes - Lasagna dressed for Halloween with lamb, butternut squash, sage and parsley almond pesto

Here’s something for the sea food lovers, or maybe as a starter? Pumpkin soup with seared scallops, red chili, microgreens and lemon oil. This pumpkin soup with pan seared scallops is so yummy, it’s almost scary!

Halloween recipes - pumpkin soup with seared scallops, red chili, microgreens and lemon oil

And of course you’ll need a dessert! These cute spooky ghosts with marzipan base, fluffy homemade marshmallow and white chocolate cover will make those little trick-or-treaters (or your guests) never leave your house.

Halloween recipes - spooky little Halloween treats with marzipan base, fluffy marshmallow and white chocolate

Also need a bloody tasty drink? Here are a few awesome ones, one hot, one cold:

Halloween recipes - Classic Danish mulled wine
Halloween recipes - Red Viper cocktail with red wine and rum
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