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About us

We are Karen-Anne and Dorthe, and welcome to our blog which celebrates the wonderful world of food and cooking!

To us food is storytelling, whether it be the stories about where the food or recipe first came from, the stories and memories triggered by a certain dish you once had, or the new stories you tell through the meals you make and share with family and friends.

With this blog we want to share with you our best food stories and recipes, and like we have done, we invite you to enjoy these meals with the people around you and make your own new food stories and memories.

Let us also share a little bit of our story: This blog was created because of distance. You may find that an odd statement, but it is nonetheless true. Let us explain. Our friendship started by chance. We both got a job at the same school at exactly the same time in 2003. It was a fairly big workplace and neither of us was really aware of the other one’s  existence until the principal decided that all the teachers needed to go on a trip and do a workshop for a few days. Since we were both new to the workplace we didn’t really know anyone, but since the budget was tight, the accommodation was likewise, which meant that we had to share rooms in pairs. As you have probably guessed we got to bunk together. What we both at first anticipated to be two slightly awkward nights having to share a room with a total stranger turned out to be a friendship for life at first sight. We talked until the early morning the first day and if you ask our spouses we haven’t stopped since.

As our friendship grew so did the friendship between our better halves. We often got together, spent weekends and New Year’s at Simon and Dorthe’s house by the sea in Denmark, and whenever we met, the two of us would always cook, sharing our love of food and our stories. About 1 1/2 years ago something changed. An opportunity arose for one of us to move to Canada. Now we had to travel for 9 hours just to get to see each other, and our passion for cooking was shared not over the dinner table, but over the phone and that wasn’t to our taste at all. Recipes were shared via text messages, and in the end both our thumbs were suffering dearly. So, we decided to make a blog just so we could share our recipes and great stories about this or that marvelous thing we just created in the kitchen.

Sometimes our inspiration comes from old recipes handed down from our grandmas, sometimes they spin out of our own heads or ideas we have when we come across a new and curious ingredient. Some of the recipes are simple, some are more complex, but every recipe is created with a passion for making food with lots of taste, lots of textures and good quality ingredients. We invite you to dine with us, and enjoy!



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