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    Canadian Old Fashioned

    It’s a rainy cold day in Toronto, which makes it the perfect occasion for this Canadian Old Fashioned. A classic Old Fashioned is served with bourbon, bitter, a bit of simple syrup and maybe, if you’re daring, a bit of orange peel. So, there is a bit of a freestyle twist here, and conservative fans of the classic Old Fashioned might see this as nothing less than heresy. However, I recommend trying it first, and then making your judgement. At least, eat the bacon. My Canadian Old Fashioned here draws on a cocktail we had in a restaurant in Quebec City back in November. Like today, it was a cold…

  • Beetroot salad with apples, crispy bacon and lots of parsley
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    Warm winter comfort salad

    For foodies like me the holiday season is truly a smorgasbord of culinary pleasures both to be cooked and to be enjoyed. So much so that while December is certainly a month when the foodlover in me revels in heavenly delight, it is also overwhelmingly easy to fill oneself with all the wonderful and sometimes fatty temptations that classic holiday cooking offers. This beetroot salad, however, is not only very tasty, it also counterbalances some of the very rich food you are, let’s face it, inevitably going to consume. Beets are an awesome and really very versatile, but often overlooked, veggie, and they are not only rich in fibre and…