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    Canadian Old Fashioned

    It’s a rainy cold day in Toronto, which makes it the perfect occasion for this Canadian Old Fashioned. A classic Old Fashioned is served with bourbon, bitter, a bit of simple syrup and maybe, if you’re daring, a bit of orange peel. So, there is a bit of a freestyle twist here, and conservative fans of the classic Old Fashioned might see this as nothing less than heresy. However, I recommend trying it first, and then making your judgement. At least, eat the bacon. My Canadian Old Fashioned here draws on a cocktail we had in a restaurant in Quebec City back in November. Like today, it was a cold…

  • Baked Brie with brandy pears, almonds and tarragon
    Cheese,  Starters and appetizers

    Nutty pears and a Brie

    This recipe for baked Brie with brandy pears, almonds and tarragon is truly a celebration of this wonderful cheese! Brie has been one of my favorite cheeses since I was a kid. I think I first discovered Brie when I was about 7 years old, and I was immediately won over by its deliciously soft and creamy texture. In fact so much so that I often found myself snacking on Brie to the point where I would eat up a whole one…sometimes in less than an afternoon. Oh, how I miss being a kid before I knew anything about calories! The good thing though about cheese, Brie included, is that…