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    Pickled mini onions

    Pickled mini onions are a perfect little side dish for roasts, cheese boards, lunch, patés, sandwiches… The list goes on and on. They are so easy to make, and first time I made them I felt really stupid for having paid a lot of money for similar pickled onions in the stores. I started making these as a garnish for a our extravagant veal tenderloin dish, but found they are wonderful in so many other ways. Make them one or a couple of days in advance or on the same day you want to use them, either way, they’ll be yummy little extras. They’ll easily keep for at least two…

  • Side dishes

    Sweet and sour!

    Every Sunday my family and I go to my parents house to eat Sunday dinner and catch up on what’s happened during the week. My mom makes traditional Danish dishes that are almost always accompanied by this side dish. It goes well with a wide variety of dishes from roast to ‘smoerebroed’ (traditional Danish rye bread open sandwiches). I actually can’t remember the last time she didn’t make these sweet and sour cucumber goodies. But beware!!! Once you tasted them you won’t make a sandwich without them again. Pickled cucumber salad – Danish style (Agurkesalat) Ingredients 1 cucumber sliced as thinly as you possibly can 1/2 cup (100 ml) distilled…