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Perfect side dish for BBQ

In my house we have 3 barbecues!! You might think that we would never have the need for using all 3 at the same time, but we do. If we are making different dishes for a family gathering it is nice to have the option to cook at different temperatures and have room to cook more than one thing at the same time. While I am busy barbecuing, I don’t have time to make a complicated potato dish to go with the meat or sausages. That is why it’s necessary to have a potato side dish that I can make ahead and that goes perfectly with almost anything with the smokey flavors that come from cooking over open fire. This side dish also goes with other fried things such as for example Swedish meatballs.

Potato salad with sour cream


2.5 lbs (1.2 kg) peeled, cooked and cooled potatoes

3 tbsp mayonnaise

1 cup (250 g) regular sour cream (18-20 % fat)

2 tbsp mustard (Dijon)

3 tbsp finely grated onion

Salt and pepper to taste

A small bundle of  chives

A bundle of radishes


1. Start by mixing the mayonnaise, sour cream, mustard and grated onion in a bowl. Add salt and pepper to taste.

2. Cut the cooled potatoes into 1-1.5 inch (2.5-4 cm) pieces. They don’t have to be cut into exactly same size. Drop the pieces into the sour cream mixture, and be cautious when you mix so that the potatoes don’t break into mush. Put the potato mixture in a serving bowl.

3. Wash the radishes and cut them into thin slices and put them on top of the potatoes. Finish off by tossing some finely cut chives on top.




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