• Autumn gnocchi with Parma ham, sage, zucchini and almonds

    Autumn gnocchi

    The flavors of sage, Parma ham and gnocchi go really well together. In this autumn gnocchi recipe we’ve added some green zucchini and chopped almonds on top for a bit of crunch. These are wonderful autumn flavors! Of course you can go the extra mile and make your own gnocchi, but in well-stocked stores they usually carry ready made good quality gnocchi. Also, the bonus if you use the ready made kind is that you’ll have your autumn gnocchi dinner ready in less that 30 min. This time of year when it’s dark and gloomy outside when you come home in the afternoon, it’s vital that making dinner is not…

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    Lasagna dressed for Halloween

    Last week we celebrated Halloween, and what a fun night for kids and adults alike! While the kids of course are mostly focused on all the candy and treats they are going to haul in, it’s nice if the adults can look forward to being treated to some nice comfort food as a consolation prize after following the little munchkins around the neighborhood in the cold and the rain. If the little people have any appetite left for real food after stuffing themselves with candy, I find that traditional lasagna is a great option, as you can make it in advance and just heat it up, giving you time to…