Shrimp with cilantro lemon mayo dip
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It’s Friday!

This is just the most easy peasy simple yet addictively delicious appetizer! Perfect for a Friday night to celebrate that you’ve finally arrived at the weekend. And perfect too with a glass, or two, of bubbles. When I serve these shrimp with cilantro lemon mayo dip the main challenge is to make sure I’ve made enough. More than once I’ve found that the whole platter of shrimp and dip I just put on the table a minute ago has already mysteriously vanished!

You can easily prepare the cilantro lemon mayo dip in advance, but otherwise it’ll only take you 5 minutes max to whip up right before serving. Just make sure you take the shrimp out of the freezer in the morning (if you use frozen shrimp that is). That way you’ll be all set to kick off your shoes and sit back and relax and enjoy this great treat as soon as you get home. After all isn’t that the best part of a Friday?

Shrimp with cilantro lemon mayo dip (serves about 2-4 as an appetizer – depending on how hungry you are :))


12 oz (about 350 g) large cooked and cooled shrimp (or prawns), tails on (I usually get Tiger shrimp, and frozen are fine)

1 cup/8 oz (250 ml) mayonnaise (I like to use either Hellmann’s or Heinz)

1/2 organic lemon, zest and juice

A good handful fresh cilantro, finely chopped

Salt and pepper to taste


1. Make sure to take the shrimp out of the freezer in advance if you use frozen ones. Let them drip off in a colander to get rid of any excess water. Arrange the shrimp nicely on a serving platter.

2. For the dip simply pour the mayo into a bowl and add the chopped cilantro, lemon zest and juice. Add salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste. Maybe pour the dip into another clean bowl for serving. Voila!

All you need now is to pop a bottle of bubbly, and you’re all set!


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