Bourbon and bubbles cocktail with sliced peaches

Bourbon and bubbles

It’s Friday and coming home from work on a cold and windy October day, this is the perfect cocktail to get warmth back into your bones and celebrate the beginning of the weekend. This bourbon and bubbles cocktail is really opposites attracts: the elegant and light sparkling wine meeting rich and deep bourbon. I find they make for a perfect combination of warmth and festive lightness all in one. Just what you need on a cold and windy Friday night!

Recently I find myself liking bourbon cocktails more and more. Maybe it’s the season, or maybe it’s that extra depth the bourbon adds. But then again, I never liked really sweet cocktails, nor was I ever a big fan of the very dry and more smoky legitimate son called Whisky (or the cousin Whiskey).

(Should you have extra sparkling wine left, I recommend having it for dinner with fried chicken tenders. And take out is fine, after all, it is Friday. You’d be surprised, but sparkling wine and chicken fingers are actually one amazing wine pairing!)

Bourbon and bubbles cocktail (for 1 cocktail)


1.5 oz bourbon

1 oz triple sec

Dry sparkling wine – Cremant, Cava, Prosecco

Peach slices


Mix the bourbon and triple sec and into a champagne or fluted glass. Top up with sparkling wine, and garnish with peach slices.


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