A Pot of Gold - Game of Thrones drink for season 8, episode 5, in honor of House Lannister

There will be fire, and blood

After the last episode of GoT, the game is open, though it does seem there’s bound to be both fire and blood in GoT tonight. But whose fire will be the strongest and whose blood will spill? Once again we’ll need something strong to calm our nerves! This drink ‘A Pot of Gold’, named after another great, and very ambitious, house, will surely alleviate at least some of our anxieties.

What exactly are we in for with all the political scheming going on? How far is Cersei willing to go to get rid of her enemies? Is Daenerys going mad, like her father, or is she just growing sad because everyone seems to like Jon better now? And with only one dragon left, will she and her allies even be able to beat Cersei and match all the wildfire she is bound to have stashed away?

It seems there are many lose ends still and many questions unresolved and only very little time to answer them all. Maybe the game will shift completely, and we will, as Gwendoline Christie, who plays Lady Brienne, said, all need therapy when this ends, or at least, a very very strong drink!

‘A Pot of Gold’ – GoT drinks, part V

Ingredients (for 1 drink)

3 oz good quality Bourbon whiskey

1.5 oz triple sec

2 oz orange juice

3 oz ginger ale

Crushed ice

Edible gold leaf


1. Mix the Bourbon, triple sec, orange juice and ginger ale into a cocktail shaker and shake well.

2. Fill a large cocktail glass with crushed ice, and pour the drink over.

3. Garnish with edible gold leaf on top.


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