No poison has ever tasted sweeter, GOT drinks, season 8, part I (in honor of House Tyrell

Let the Game Begin!

Are you ready for the final season of GOT? For those one or two people out there who didn’t already know, tonight the first episode of Game of Thrones season 8 airs. We have been spending the last couple of weeks watching some of the previous seasons to be totally ready for tonight. It’s been an excruciatingly long wait, and we thought it would only be right to look back and remember some of the houses we have lost and now miss during this epic series. What better way to do it than to celebrate them with their very own special GOT drinks?

This is the first of more GOT drinks and cocktail recipes we will post during this last season. But we will not yet reveal which house this one is in honor off. Maybe you already guessed it? Feel free to give it a go with the answer you think is right in the comments section below the post. In a couple of days, we will reveal which house we had in mind when making this drink. Enjoy the first episode! We certainly will.

No poison has ever tasted sweeter – GOT drinks, part I

Ingredients (for 1 drink)

1 tall Champagne glas (flute)

4 oz French rosé wine

4 oz Crémant de Bourgogne (or any other dry sparkling wine really, depending on your preference and budget)

1 drop of rosewater

1 blackberry, cooled

1 rosemary twig


First, pour the rosé wine into the glass, then the Crémant (or sparkling wine) and finish off with just one drop of rose water (be careful not to add more than that, or the taste will become too fragrant). Throw in a cooled blackberry and garnish with a rosemary twig.



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